Premium HOWO Used 12 Wheel 8X4 Mine Tipper Truck - Heavy-Duty Second-Hand Mining Equipment

Premium HOWO Used 12 Wheel 8X4 Mine Tipper Truck - Heavy-Duty Second-Hand Mining Equipment

$18,000 +

Year : 2022

Mileages : 17000KM

Emission Standards : Euro5

Horsepower : 351-450hp


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Product Overview:

The HOWO Used 12 Wheel 8X4 Mine Tipper Truck is engineered for the demanding challenges of mining operations, offering superior performance, durability, and efficiency. This formidable workhorse excels in transporting heavy loads of mined materials, optimizing productivity while minimizing operational costs.

Key Features:

Feature Details
Robust Construction Built with reinforced steel for durability.
Powerful Engine High-performance diesel engine.
Payload Capacity Impressive 8X4 configuration for high payloads.
Efficient Dumping Hydraulic tipping system for quick unloading.
Operator Comfort Spacious, ergonomic cabin for operator well-being.
Control and Safety Power steering, advanced suspension, and safety features.
Cost-Efficiency Efficient fuel consumption, reduced maintenance costs.
Proven Reliability A brand renowned for long-lasting vehicles.


Category Details
Model HOWO Used 12 Wheel 8X4 Mine Tipper Truck
Engine High-Performance Diesel Engine
Payload Capacity Exceptional for Heavy Mining Materials
Transmission Multi-Speed Transmission System
Cabin Ergonomically Designed, Air-Conditioned
Tipping System Hydraulic with Tilting Cab Design
Chassis and Body Reinforced Steel Construction
Wheels Configuration 12 Wheels in an 8X4 Setup
Fuel Efficiency Cost-Effective Fuel Consumption


  • High Payload Capacity: Reduces operational time and costs by carrying large volumes of mined materials in a single trip.
  • Durability: Robust construction and reinforced chassis ensure a long service life, even in harsh mining environments.
  • Operator Comfort: A spacious, ergonomic cabin enhances operator well-being and productivity.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Efficient fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs contribute to long-term cost-effectiveness.
  • Proven Reliability: The HOWO brand is globally recognized for its reliable and long-lasting vehicles.

The HOWO Used 12 Wheel 8X4 Mine Tipper Truck is backed by a solid set of specifications and benefits, making it an excellent choice for mining companies seeking a cost-effective and powerful solution for their material transport requirements. This truck’s real-world capabilities and data support its performance claims in demanding mining operations.

Application Description: Unleashing the Power of the HOWO Mine Tipper Truck

The HOWO Used 12 Wheel 8X4 Mine Tipper Truck is not just a heavy-duty vehicle; it’s a specialized solution designed to excel in challenging mining environments. Its robust construction, powerful performance, and precision engineering make it an indispensable asset for various mining applications. Below, you’ll find a data table showcasing the specific application sites where this formidable truck proves its worth.

Application Sites:

Site Type Application Details
Open-Pit Mines Ideal for hauling bulk materials such as ore, coal, and overburden in open-pit mining operations. Its high payload capacity and power enable efficient material transport across rugged terrains.
Underground Mines Effective for use in underground mines where space is limited, thanks to its maneuverability and precision dumping capability. The robust chassis can withstand the rigors of underground mining conditions.
Quarries Proves valuable in quarries for transporting crushed stone, gravel, and other materials. The truck’s large payload capacity optimizes material extraction and transportation processes.
Construction Sites Serves in large-scale construction projects where a reliable, high-capacity hauler is required for transporting construction materials, debris, or excavated earth.
Industrial Facilities Used in various industrial applications, including steel mills, power plants, and manufacturing facilities for handling raw materials and industrial waste.
Remote Worksites Aids remote mining and construction operations, reaching areas where the infrastructure might be minimal, thanks to its durability and self-reliance.

Key Advantages:

  • High Efficiency: In open-pit mines and quarries, the high payload capacity and efficient tipping system reduce cycle times and enhance productivity.
  • Versatility: Whether underground or in industrial facilities, the HOWO Mine Tipper Truck adapts to different work environments.
  • Durability: Well-suited for harsh mining and construction conditions due to its robust construction and heavy-duty design.
  • Precision: Offers precise control for material placement, reducing material spillage and minimizing cleanup efforts.

The HOWO Used 12 Wheel 8X4 Mine Tipper Truck is a versatile and reliable asset for a range of challenging applications. Whether in open-pit mines, quarries, or construction sites, its performance data underscores its value as an efficient, cost-effective, and durable choice for heavy material transport.


Our company is specialized in exporting the new truck, used truck, construction machine and semitrailer.We have over 15 years experience in manufacturing the trailer and 8 year in marketing the used truck and machine.

Our company will pay more attention to the detail of the vehicle.Before delivery, all the vehicle will be inspected by the engineer on road test.Because we have perfected our vehicle, we guarantee the quality of our truck and trailer, we can promise our customers the Three-Month Warranty of our truck and trailer.The goal of our company is "Buy Easily, Service Assured".Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

We have successfully exported our product to Africa countries more than 160 trucks per year.

Vehicle inspection report

pro-banner 8.6

After testing

1. The lighting system is normal;

2. The interior is tidy;

3. A personal first-hand truck;

4. The electronic system is normal;

5. The overall vehicle is in good condition;

6. The engine and gearbox work conditions are normal, idling speed is regular, there is no jitter, and the steering is flexible;

7. The original paint of the truck has a few defects and a few changes in appearance.

accidents1 No major accidents

Accident investigation
Check whether the truck has been burnt 5 Items yes
Check if the truck is soaked in water 12 Items yes
Energy consumption and wearing parts 23 Items yes
Check if there has been an accident 17 Items yes
Check for minor collisions 12 Items yes

accidents2 No major accidents

Function test
Check the internal configuration 15 Items yes
Check the drive system 9 Items yes
Check the lighting system 8 Items yes
Check the security system 12 Items yes
Check vehicle tools 4 Items yes

accidents3 No major accidents

Exterior interior inspection
Check the interior 2 Items yes
Check appearance 23 Items yes
Check vehicle start 4 Items yes

The above is a preliminary inspection of the condition of the vehicle. In-depth re-inspection will be arranged before the transfer. The condition of the vehicle is subject to re-inspection.

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