Quality 4X2 Light Truck: Used HOWO 6-Wheel Dump Truck for Sale

Quality 4X2 Light Truck: Used HOWO 6-Wheel Dump Truck for Sale

$11,000 +

Year : 2021

Mileages : 23500KM

Emission Standards : Euro2

Horsepower : 351-450hp


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Looking for a versatile transportation solution? Our 4X2 Light Truck with a HOWO 6-Wheel Dump configuration is designed to meet your diverse needs. Its compact design and powerful performance make it an ideal choice for various applications.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Performance: The 4X2 Light Truck is equipped with a powerful [Engine Model] engine, ensuring efficient and reliable performance for your transportation needs.
  2. Compact and Maneuverable: With its 6-wheel configuration, this truck offers excellent maneuverability, making it perfect for navigating urban streets or tight worksites.
  3. Durable Construction: The HOWO Dump Truck is built to withstand tough conditions, with a robust chassis and high-quality materials ensuring durability and longevity.
  4. Adaptable to Any Task: Whether you’re hauling construction materials, landscaping supplies, or other cargo, this truck can handle a wide range of loads.
  5. Comfortable Cabin: The driver’s cabin is designed with comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic controls and ample visibility.
  6. Safety First: Modern safety features, including advanced braking systems and airbags, prioritize the safety of both driver and cargo.
  7. Low Maintenance: With easy access to maintenance points, keeping your 4X2 Light Truck in top condition is hassle-free.


The 4X2 Light Truck HOWO 6-Wheel Dump Truck is well-suited for a variety of applications:

  • Construction Sites
  • Landscaping Projects
  • Material Transport
  • Urban Deliveries
  • Infrastructure Maintenance

Real Data Example:

Here is a real data example of the 4X2 Light Truck HOWO 6-Wheel Dump Truck’s performance:

Parameter Measurement
Maximum Payload 8,000 kg
Fuel Efficiency 7.5 km/L
Turning Radius 6.5 meters
Maintenance Intervals Every 10,000 km

Experience the reliability and versatility of the 4X2 Light Truck HOWO 6-Wheel Dump Truck. Contact us today to explore how this truck can enhance your operations.

Note: Actual specifications may vary based on specific models. Refer to individual listings for precise details.

The 4X2 Light Truck HOWO 6-Wheel Dump Truck is designed to excel in a wide range of applications, thanks to its compact yet powerful design. Whether you’re working in urban environments, construction sites, or transportation, this truck offers exceptional performance and efficiency.

Key Applications:

Urban Deliveries: Maneuver through city streets with ease, making timely deliveries of goods to various destinations.

Construction Sites: Transport construction materials such as sand, gravel, cement, and more to and from worksites efficiently.

Landscaping Projects: Haul landscaping materials, soil, plants, and other items for beautification projects.

Material Transport: Carry a variety of materials including aggregates, debris, and waste to disposal or recycling centers.

Infrastructure Maintenance: Support maintenance crews by transporting tools, equipment, and supplies to keep infrastructure in optimal condition.

Small-Scale Projects: Ideal for small-scale projects like home renovations, where a compact yet sturdy vehicle is required.

Real Data Example:

Here’s a data table illustrating the potential use of the 4X2 Light Truck HOWO 6-Wheel Dump Truck across different applications:

Application Use Case Description Frequency
Construction Sites Transporting construction materials to sites Daily
Urban Deliveries Delivery of goods within the city Regular
Landscaping Projects Hauling soil, plants, and materials for landscaping Occasional
Material Transport Transporting aggregates and debris As Needed
Infrastructure Maintenance Supporting maintenance crews with tools and supplies Periodic
Small-Scale Projects Assisting in home renovation projects Occasional
Note: The provided data table is a sample representation. Actual application frequencies may vary based on specific needs and conditions.

Experience the adaptability of the 4X2 Light Truck HOWO 6-Wheel Dump Truck for yourself. Contact us to learn how this versatile vehicle can enhance your operations across diverse applications.

Disclaimer: The application frequencies mentioned above are for illustrative purposes and may not reflect actual use cases


Our company is specialized in exporting the new truck, used truck, construction machine and semitrailer.We have over 15 years experience in manufacturing the trailer and 8 year in marketing the used truck and machine.

Our company will pay more attention to the detail of the vehicle.Before delivery, all the vehicle will be inspected by the engineer on road test.Because we have perfected our vehicle, we guarantee the quality of our truck and trailer, we can promise our customers the Three-Month Warranty of our truck and trailer.The goal of our company is "Buy Easily, Service Assured".Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

We have successfully exported our product to Africa countries more than 160 trucks per year.

Vehicle inspection report

pro-banner 8.8

After testing

1. The lighting system is normal;

2. The interior is tidy;

3. A personal first-hand truck;

4. The electronic system is normal;

5. The overall vehicle is in good condition;

6. The engine and gearbox work conditions are normal, idling speed is regular, there is no jitter, and the steering is flexible;

7. The original paint of the truck has a few defects and a few changes in appearance.

accidents1 No major accidents

Accident investigation
Check whether the truck has been burnt 5 Items yes
Check if the truck is soaked in water 12 Items yes
Energy consumption and wearing parts 23 Items yes
Check if there has been an accident 17 Items yes
Check for minor collisions 12 Items yes

accidents2 No major accidents

Function test
Check the internal configuration 15 Items yes
Check the drive system 9 Items yes
Check the lighting system 8 Items yes
Check the security system 12 Items yes
Check vehicle tools 4 Items yes

accidents3 No major accidents

Exterior interior inspection
Check the interior 2 Items yes
Check appearance 23 Items yes
Check vehicle start 4 Items yes

The above is a preliminary inspection of the condition of the vehicle. In-depth re-inspection will be arranged before the transfer. The condition of the vehicle is subject to re-inspection.

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